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Salt and Stain removal not included in the regular wash package

Salt and Stain

We charge $30 dollar per every half hour if vehicle contain pet hair, no hard feeling please

Pet Hair

If vehicle is too dirty ( Havent clean for more than 4 month etc or 1 month if you have baby in car) We will suggest upgrade to shampoo service  

If your havent clean your car for a very long time

If customer denied shampoo service, we will still love to work on your car for maximum of 1 hour and 50 mintues and charge you regular wash price. we will do our best within this time period. But final result will not able to guaranteed

How much am i spending?

Regular Exterior Wash
​$ 35.00 *Sedan/Suv/Van
$ 45.00 *Truck F150 etc

  • Foam gun foam the car

  • Bubble wash 

  • Rim surface hand clean

  • Exterior glass clean

  • 2 bucket wash method

  • Hand dry

  • ​Est 1 hour

Regular Interior Shampoo
​$ 135.00 *Sedan
$ 145.00 *SUV
$ 150.00 *7 Seater SUV
$ 150.00 *Van/Truck F150

Everything included in regular interior clean

Trunk spare tire remove and then clean spare space

Stain removal

Salt removal

Rim inside wall hand clean

Leather clean and conditioning

If salt or stain come back after few days after service, we will redo stain or salt removal for free, just give us a call to book another free appointment

reclean service can be book within 3 month after origional service date

Winter time will will air blower to dry carpet, require customer leave vehicle with us.

Est 2-2.5 hours

Regular Interior Wash
​$ 45.00 *Sedan

$ 50.00 *SUV
$ 55.00 *7 Seater SUV
$ 65.00 *Van/Truck F150

  • Vacumme interior

  • Baisc leather clean (not conditioning)

  • Interior glass clean

  • Windshield Glass clean

  • Mircorfiber wipe clean

  • Est 1 hour

Exterior + Interior Shampoo​$ 160.00 *Sedan
$ 175.00 *SUV
$ 185.00 *7 Seater SUV
$ 185.00 *Van/Truck F150

Everything included in Exterior wash plus Interior shampoo service

Est 4 hours

Regular Exterior and Interior
​$ 60.00 *Sedan
$ 65.00 *SUV
$ 75.00 *7 Seater SUV
$ 85.00 *Van/Truck F150

Everything included in regular exterior and interior clean

Salt removal not included

Stain removal not included

Est 2 hours

Glass Deep Clean + Polish + Ceramic Pro Coating 3 coats
$ 200.00 *Sedan
$ 250.00 *SUV/VAN/F150


  • Suggest once per year

  • Will remove greese oil, stain, deep dirt from windshield

  • Require leave vehicle 3 hours during business hours and over night

  • We will use radiant heat cook the coating to perfection over night

  • Price included all exterior glass

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